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Tim Meyer    –   Andrew Lin   –   Lisa Engelbert   –   Raquel Silva   –   Amitabh Sinha   –   Matt Kirilov   –   Arun Chinnaraju

“A nice and professional place where everyone helps each others to grow

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Who are we?

We are agile professionals who love to practice coaching.

Through coaching, we bring a better place to work and life.

If you are interested, please join us.

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Schedule and Tools

Schedule & Tools

Date and Time:Every Wednesdays, 7 PM (Eastern Time Zone) for 60 minutes.
Tools:Zoom (ID: 5566778888), headset, and webcam.

  1. Basic understanding of what coaching is.
  2. Ready to practice. This means you have a specific topic you are currently struggling with, which you want to be coached on and coach others too.

Format & Agenda

  • First 5 – 10 minutes: Sign In & Check In 
  • 40 minutes: Breakout room, 15 to 20 minutes for each coaching session, leave time for observer’s feedback.
  • Last 10 minutes: Share what we learned, volunteer, and group cheering: Coaching, Coaching, Coaching.