Who am I as your Agile Coach?

As an Agile Coach, I partner with you, the team, and the organization to inspire creative and forward thinking, to discover and explore the challenges and come up your own solution which maximizes you, the team, and the organization’s potential and greater purpose.

I believe this is the best way for my clients to become leaders of their own, to learn, to make changes, to break the limiting beliefs, and to adapt to the complex world we live on now, and the rewards and learning are yours to keep.

I won’t tell you what to do

I won’t tell you how to do it

I won’t force you to do anything

I won’t offer you the solution

I will never take credit for your achievement

I am not your change agent, I am your change partner

I teach, facilitate, advise, consult, mentor, solution, write, present, do the work, and sometimes I manage. These are the things I do as an Agile coach, but these are not professional coaching.

I will ask you questions

I will listen

I will reflect what I heard

I will partner with you

I will support you

I will challenge you to leave your comfort zone

I will inspire you to forward thinking

I will respect your confidentiality


You will learn (and me too)

You will know what you want

You will define the success that you want

You will reach your potential

You will believe in yourself

You will discover and explore

You will find the A-ha moment

You will take action

You will solve the challenges because you are competent

You will see the results and they are yours to keep

You will be better every time I see you

A long elevator pitch and inspired by Michael de la Maza, Cherie Silas, and Olaf Lewitz

Elevator Pitch

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